Impact at COP28

Priority areas to strengthen climate and energy security around the world

The 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference, or Conference of the Parties (COP28), was held in the United Arab Emirates in November and December 2023. The summit represented a key moment for the global community, including governments, industry, and civil society to scale up commitments to drastically reduce global warming, reaffirm efforts to keep global warming to the 1.5 degrees Celsius threshold to avoid climate catastrophe, and undertake the first stocktake of progress toward the 2015 Paris Agreement. To coincide with COP28, FP Analytics, the independent research division of The FP Group, produced a series of research-based issue briefs with support from the COP28 Presidency, to inform the various multistakeholder convenings that were held in Dubai as well as provide a readout of the actions taken. 

Fostering Energy and Climate Security as Part of a Just Transition

The first issue brief in the series analyzes complementary pathways to reduce carbon emissions, scale up clean energy technologies, and drive sustainable growth. The research emphasizes three priority areas, including ending energy scarcity and expanding clean energy access; decelerating global warming by greening our energy supply, removing carbon from the atmosphere and reducing methane; and slashing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions with low- or zero-carbon fuels in the hardest to abate sectors.

Financing Climate Resilience

The second issue brief in the series examines the need and opportunities to catalyze multilateral, public, and private investments at COP28. The research focuses on pathways to reform multilateral funding to more effectively mobilize and deploy climate finance; coordinate public-sector efforts; and leverage private-sector funding through multi-stakeholder partnerships.

Ensuring Our Climate Future

The third and final brief in the series highlights the historic achievements of COP28 and examines the roadblocks ahead. The analysis focuses on the notable outcomes of the summit and opportunities relating to accelerating the energy transition, safeguarding lives and livelihoods, and bolstering sustainable finance.