FP Analytics is Foreign Policy’s independent research and advisory division.

Power Maps and Interactive Microsites

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FPA can work with your team to produce both in-depth proprietary research and public-facing thought leadership platforms —including in-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis, custom microsites, live events, and multi-media promotions.

The Final Frontier: Outer Space Security & Governance

Technology, Defense, Resources

Future of Money

Technology, Finance

The Biden Power Map

Climate, Defense, Global Health, Politics & Equity

Arctic Competition

Climate, Resources, Defense

Data Governance

Technology, Defense

5G Explained


Securing Our Digital Future


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Issue Briefs

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FPA can work with your team to produce both in-depth proprietary research and public-facing thought leadership platforms —including in-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis, custom microsites, live events, and multi-media promotions.

Unleashing the Economic Potential of Older Women

Politics & Equity

Delivering on Climate Justice

Climate, Finance, Politics & Equity

Ensuring Greater Sustainability in Health Care

Climate, Global Health

The Compounding Economic Dividends of Global Health Investment

Global Health, Finance

Revitalizing Multilateralism in the Face of Compounding Global Crises

Climate, Finance, Resources

Defending Democracy in the Digital Age


Assessing the Potential National Security Impacts of U.S. Tech Regulation


Economic Competitiveness and U.S. Tech Regulation: Assessing the Potential Impacts


Mobilizing Financing for Inclusive Development

Climate, Finance, Resources, Politics & Equity

The Eyes Above: The Implications of Geospatial Data for Responding to Crises


Human RIghts & Older Persons

Politics & Equity

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FP Analytics applies its rigorous research capabilities to the ideation and production of scenario-based crisis simulations that facilitate innovative thinking to help meet partners’ diplomatic, strategic, or business objectives. FP’s Simulations and PeaceGames are held in person as well as on a bespoke virtual platform that enables simultaneous participation from around the world. They can be closed-door or as part of a public forum.

Enhancing Cyber-Nuclear Security: Strengthening Global Energy, Food, and Health Systems

On October 21, 2022, FP Analytics partnered with Schmidt Futures to hold an in-person simulation in Washington, D.C. to tackle complex, transnational security issues. The researched-based hypothetical scenario challenged Schmidt Futures' International Strategy Forum (ISF) Fellows to tackle threats posed by emerging technologies to global cybersecurity, energy security, emergency prepardness, food security and trade, and mis- and disinformation.

Climate & Food Security in the Asia Pacific

For the second consecutive year, FP Analytics and World Vision partnered to hold a virtual simulation featuring a research-based hypothetical scenario grounded in a multi-sector framework for assessing risk and fostering resilience across the humanitarian, development, and peace nexus. The 2022 simulation challenged participants from around the world to tackle the complex political, socio-economic, and environmental factors that are eroding livelihoods, increasing human and ecosystem vulnerability, and contributing to conflict and migration in the Asia-Pacific region, specifically near Bangladesh, Myanmar, and India.

Space and Maritime Security in the South China Sea

As part of a special collaboration, FP Analytics and the Anwar Gargash Diplomatic Academy (AGDA) developed the Future Diplomats PeaceGame to engage and train the next generation of foreign policy leaders. In 2021, over 20 young diplomats from 14 countries participated in FP's custom-built Virtual PeaceGame Platform for an immersive and interactive simulation that challenged participants to grapple with the international security and governance issues emerging from the development of advanced weapons and technologies in space.

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FP Analytics provides in-depth data-driven analysis and comprehensive assessments and mapping of the economic, technological, and geopolitical trends shaping our world. The Graphics Database is a powerful tool for businesses, government officials, and others seeking to understand and strategically navigate the evolving geopolitical landscape.


In-Depth Special Reports

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FPA produces a range of Special Reports at the intersection of technology, regulation, and geopolitics that provide insight into critical market access and competitiveness issues

Semiconductors and the U.S.-China Innovation Race

Technology, Defense

Innovation and Leadership in Healthy Aging

Politics & Equity

Investing in Resilience from the Ground Up

Climate, Resources, Politics & Equity

Toward Deep Decarbonization

Climate, Technology, Resources

Elevating Gender Equality in COVID-19 Economic Recovery

Politics & Equity

Women as Levers of Change

Politics & Equity

Navigating Uncertainty

Politics & Equity

Environment, Fragility & Conflict

Climate, Resources, Politics & Equity

Global Finance and Management of Climate-Related Risk

Climate, Finance, Resources, Politics & Equity

Firm Zero-Emission Power

Climate, Technology, Resources

Navigating Through Turbulence

Resources, Politics & Equity

The Global Race to Vaccinate

Global Health

The COVID-19 Global Response Index

Global Health

Planning for Aging Societies

Global Health, Politics & Equity

Cybersecurity and U.S. Election Infrastructure


Climate & Security

Climate, Resources, Defense

The Her Power Index

Politics & Equity

Mining the Future

Resources, Defense

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Synthesis Reports

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Synthesis Reports summarize the key insights and takeaways from FP’s events, summits, and simulations. These help to establish our partners’ thought leadership on critical issues, garner additional coverage and attention for the events, and serve as a record of the highlights and action items from the event.

FP Tech Forum

Fostering greater connectivity in an increasingly fractured world


FP Global Health Forum

Insights from leaders to prevent the next pandemic

FP Virtual Dialogue: Toward Zero-Emission Power – FP Analytics

Climate, Resources

A People-Centered Approach to Conservation

Resources, Climate

Fostering Resilience in Northern Central America – FP Analytics

Climate, Finance, Resources, Global Health, Politics & Equity

Women in Global Health Security High-Level Digital Summit Synthesis Report

Global Health, Politics & Equity

The Voices We Need to Hear: Lessons from the 2021 Her Power Summit

Politics & Equity

More Synthesis Reports + Fewer Synthesis Reports

FP Analytics Staff

Allison Carlson


Specialization: Policy advising and analysis, executive briefings, strategy development, international markets, energy, mixed methods research,

Mayesha Alam, Ph.D.

Vice President of Research

Specialization: Conflict and peace, climate change, gender, health, qualitative and mixed methods research

Isabel Schmidt

Senior Policy Analyst

Specialization: Gender, demographic change and ageing, fragile states, climate change, health, qualitative research

Helen You

Senior Policy Analyst

Specialization: Cybersecurity, emerging technology, impact analysis, trade and investment, mixed methods research

Miranda Wilson

Policy Analyst

Specialization: Climate change, global finance, economic development, human rights, mixed methods research

Anjana Nair

Policy Fellow

Specialization: Economic development, gender, food security, quantitative research

Saskia Brain

Policy Fellow

Specialization: Gender, reproductive health, diplomacy, civil rights, mixed methods research

FP AnalyticsForeign Policy’s research and advisory division, does more than deliver in-depth research, scenario planning, and actionable intelligence on evolving policy, markets, and technology trends — it positions public and private-sector clients at the forefront of policy-shaping discussions.

With expertise in critical sectors like energy, climate, trade, and global finance, FP Analytics combines quantitative and qualitative analysis to inform clients’ strategic planning and investment decisions and support them to more effectively engage with stakeholders and demonstrate thought leadership. FPA’s research and analysis can be combined with FP Events to further elevate thought leadership and drive action-oriented dialogue on pressing global issues.